“Its [Ex]tradition album offers an earpricking melding of Gaelic and Celtic folk music with Baroque performance practice, and it is toe-tapping stuff – convivial, improvisatory-feeling (clearly delivered from memory), the music’s dance roots honoured through crisp articulation and rhythmic precision, and the whole wrapped up in stylish prechinrest technique.”

Charlotte Gardner – The Strad- 02/04/2018

“An early music group playing Irish and Scottish folk tunes. This worked wonderfully well, and they were very good at it. They were the Curious Bards, directed by the ebullient period fiddler Alix Boivert (…) None of them is Irish or Scottish, but they have an authentic ceilidh touch – invigorating and beautiful.”

Tim Homfray – The Strad- 02/04/2018

“The Curious Bards are indeed true to their name. Curious derives from the Old French word for diligence, and is akin to the Latin word cura meaning care. And so it is with forensic attention to detail – without drowning out the water of life of the artistic imagination – that this inspired ensemble turns with diligence and care to the early printed and manuscript sources of the music that draws out their curiosity. The result is a joyous sonic explosion as the sound opens out like a flower for the enlightened listener. It is a sound to swim in, to float on, and to sink back into. It is a sound that alerts the memory of the hands towards an energy release that is refreshing and empowering. It is a sound that invites your curiosity..”

Mícheál Ó Súílleabháin, Inaugural Chair of Music and Founding Director in Irish World Academy of University of Limerick (Ireland)

“The Curious Bards thrilled the audience in Göttingen. (…) The musicians offered a fascinating Irish and Scottish music accompanying program to the Handel Festival. (…) They gained many fans this evening.”

Göttinger Tageblatt – 05/18/2017

“The Curious Bards (…) were extraordinary, playing without scores. Their intonation, precision, virtuosity are worthy of the greatest. We should not forget the heart and soul of this performance (…) Ilektra Platiopoulou. A beautiful mezzo voice, pure, balanced (…) nicely coloured.”

L’Alsace – 01/20/2017

“The Curious Bards (…) performed a beautiful programme of 18th century century airs and songs with great control and enthusiasm. (…) The mezzo soprano Ilektra Platiopoulou enchanted the public with her strong vocal presence and great richness of expression. Such virtuosity and such refinement  in the work of these artists, who know how to join together high quality and pleasure.”

Le Dauphiné – 10/25/2016

“Their programme (…) was put across with great accomplishment and verve. (…) [and] it must be confessed that said audience loved The Curious Bards.”

Brian Robins, Early Music Review – 10/13/2016

“We often talk about the new generation of baroque musicians. The Curious Bards is a perfect example : musicology, research, individual qualities as well as group qualities, crossover and contemporaneity. ”

Nicolas Bucher, Head of Centre de Musique Baroque de Versailles – 19/08/2016

“The Curious Bards have a lovely acoustic and refined sound that brings to mind the Edinburgh drawing room of the 18th and 19th centuries (…). I really like the sound they are creating and the specificity and nuance that goes into the arrangements and coordination between instrumentalists. (…). However they still manage to convey a very bright and pulsey groove reminiscent of the spontaneity and dance influence of Cape Breton fiddling.”

Joshua Dickson, Head of Traditional Music, Royal Conservatoire of Scotland – 06/16/2016

“Spontaneity, refinement and virtuosity are the foundations of this young ensemble. Regarding the interpretation, the musical phrases were intelligently chained with firmness and rigor, but also with cantabile moments, creating a suggestive and imagistic musical discourse.”

Blog Agenda Liternet, Ioana Hrior – 04/14/2016

“The Curious Bards ignites the chapel”

L’Yonne – 07/24/2015

“They play this repertoire with pleasure, spontaneity (…) and virtuosity.”

Blog Organ of Charolles – 07/24/2015

“In one of the most original theatres of the department, (…) the privileged spectators could experience the pleasing concert of The Curious Bards”

Le journal de Saône et Loire – 07/21/2015

“At a time when it is tasteful to do “crossover music”, it is not easy to defend a stylistic specificity and particular research located between ancient and traditional music. Yet, this is what gives The Curious Bards their incredible talent; they transport us from the Irish salons of the eighteenth century to the present pubs, and they bring the same seriousness and commitment to each of these two worlds.”

Odile Edouard – member of “Les Witches“- 02/17/2015