The Gaelic Storm

This instrumental program is an immersion into the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries’ Gaelic culture. All the pieces are extracted from melody collections that represent the cultural testimony of an entire population. “A Collection of the most celebrated Irish Tunes” (Neale, 1724), “A collection of Scots reels or country dances” (1757), “Hibernian Muse” (1770), “Caledonian country dances” (Johnson, 1748) and so much more. From an Irish jig to a wild Scottish reel (and some ballads and lamentations) you will be swept into the whirlwind of The Curious Bards!


Since Sounding Voices…

In this concert, The Curious Bards includes a large part of Irish and Scottish culture: the songs. These songs collected in books from the eighteenth century, tell the story of these two countries, through their love, desperation and patriotic stories. The songs are taken from collections such as “Orpheus Caledonius” (1733), “Calliope or a musical miscellany” (1788), “Vocal magazine” (1798), “A collection of Scots songs” (Bremner, 1757)… Ilektra Platiopoulou, the guest singer for this programme, will go from sobs to laughter and from passion to despair to help you access the Gaelic soul and spirit.