This new program highlights an unknown repertoire; that of the Scandinavian countries (Norway and Sweden). Using emblematic instruments such as the Swedish Nyckelharpa or the Norwegian Hardingfele, The Curious Bards reveal all the richness of a repertoire of magnificent melodic and harmonic singularity, notably influenced by Gaelic culture. These dances and songs composed in the 18th century all originate from manuscripts that have rarely been explored until now. A unique, exotic and intensely fresh programme!



After a first program focusing on the  « basics » of the Gaelic instrumental repertoire, The Curious Bards return with ballads and specific types of dances such as hornpipes, slip jigs, strathspeys and songs in the Gaelic language, or even drinking songs. A new possibility of embarking on an in-depth journey with the Irish and Scottish traditional repertoire of the Baroque period.



This program is an invitation to discover the Gaelic culture of the 17th and 18th centuries. All of the compositions are taken from collections of melodies, rare testimonies of the cultural heritage of an entire population. Going from an Irish jig to a frenzied Scottish reel, (not to mention a few ballads or lamentations) you will quickly find yourself swept up in the whirlwind of the Curious Bards!