“Our primary objective is to shed new light on a forgotten repertory : Irish and Scottish music of the baroque era . For this reason, I started a musicological and historical research project, having spent eight months in Dublin and then continuing my research after my return to France.

The wealth and diversity of the musical material I discovered during this research, convinced me that musicians practising both traditional and art music, such as ourselves, need to meet the challenge and try to offer a contemporary interpretation of these different musical styles. Even more so, this music represents a very important part of cultural heritage, which was conserved with difficulty by the invaders of this time: England.

Our mission consists of investigating and experimenting with the different indications present in numerous publications (ornaments, articulations, rhythm etc) . Until now, these indications have brought us very close to the contemporary interpretation of traditional music. Another motivation that brings us to this project, is the strong connection the musicians have to the traditional music. The depth, spirituality, and abandonment of one’s self , are elements that the musicians can feel, and this offers a musicianship of a rare humanity as a result of a rare simplicity”

Alix Boivert – artistic director