Jean-Christophe Morel

Jean-Christophe Morel started music with the violin at the Pierre Rode school of Robert Papavrami. He entered the Conservatory of Bordeaux in 2001, in the class of Manuel Solans, where he thoroughly learned the violin. He then entered the Conservatory of Lyon in 2009, and was in classes with Marie Charvet, Claire Bernard and Nicolas Gourbeix.

Very influenced by traditional Irish music, the following years mark a time of an intense practice of this repertoire, especially during the first year of master where he enjoyed the Erasmus in Dublin. The oral transmission of music and practice of improvisation has allowed him to develop a unique artistic personality, that is original, enabling him to understand and discover several musical styles and other instruments: the guitar, the mandolin, and the cittern.

He plays with severals Irish music bands as The Jeremiahs, Onde et The Curious Bards, and also with classical orchestras as the Orchestre National Bordeaux Aquitaine, and Orchestre du Capitole of Toulouse… In 2015 he and Alix Boivert began researching the making of baroque citterns in the British Isles. He then collaborated with Frank Tate in the construction of a copy of an instrument made by William Gibson in 1772, currently exposed in the National Museum of Ireland in Dublin. This project was realised thanks to a grant provided by ADAMI.